SUMMARY: answerbook, using exceed

From: Jan Pflugradt (100632.1567@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 09:03:11 CDT

Thanks a lot to those who replied.
The easiest solution (and cheapest) is to use a 'docviewer' written by Chris
It uses the freeware Ghostview to display the Postscript pages.
I got the shar archive from two guys (special thanks) and it was easy to
If someone is interested I can forward it.
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From: Jan Pflugradt, 100632,1567
TO: Sun list,
DATE: 29.07.1996 09:57

RE: Copy of: answerbook, using exceed

Hi folks,
We access a couple of Solaris 2.5 boxes via PCs, using Hummingbirds product
'eXceed 5'.
Has anybody an idea how I get the answerbook to run in this environment?

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