SUMMARY Encryption of backup under 2.5

Date: Sun Aug 04 1996 - 18:20:46 CDT

It appears that there isn't a command resident in 2.5 that will encrypt a
ufsdump. There have been several third party solutions suggested. Thanks to
everyone for there responses. Here are some of the answers.


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Subject: Encryption
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Take a look at the Cryptographic File System for Unix.
A paper was presented at the First ACM Conference on Communications and
Computing Security
Nov 1993.

I'm sure a copy is available on the Net.

Author is Matt Blaze -

Good luck,


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On Jul 29, 9:43, wrote:
> Subject: Encryption of backup under 2.5
> Hi,
> I have a customer who is backing up sensitive data and would like to know if there
> is any encryption features that come standard with Solaris 2.5. I will summarise.

One could use GNU tar. It has built-in hooks for a compressor, but
with the right options you can have it call more or less any program
to encrypt and/or compress the data. I forget the details, but I remember
it is a simple matter to specify the external program on the command

"more or less" means it should be able to deal with streams of data
without knowing when the data will end. PGP, for example, won't work.
Several versions of "des" circulating around the net would probably
be fine.

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