[SUMMARY] Text-To-Speech software

From: Laurent Duperval (laurent@grafnetix.com)
Date: Fri Aug 02 1996 - 09:05:18 CDT


A lot of people have sent me mail asking what I found. There's a lot
of stuff out there, it seems. Here are some things to check out. For
the record, I haven't had time to test any of these yet.

On the free stuff side, everyone pointed me to Speak. Someone also
told me to check out something called announce, which is based on
speak, I believe. The site is:


Speak is available at


I looked at the dates and they say 1990. I'm not sure if there is a newer
release available. Someone told me that you need phonems to make it work
properly. There are places to find some but I'm not sure where.

Catalyst CDware SunSoft CDrom Vol 5 has a demo program called TruVoice.
Someone told me he'd tried a demo on a Catalyst CD (without naming the
product) but said he had no luck with it.

Someone also sent me a program called "say". He's not sure where to find the
sources. I've tried it but had no success in getting it to do anything I can
hear. I have yet to contact the person who sent it to me to figure out why it
doesn't work

There is a Web sit that offers this capability:


There are a lot of resources listed in the comp.speech FAQ:


Most of the other stuff I've found is for Windows/Intel and is based on TAPI,
which is a de facto standard set by Microsoft and some other companies.

That's it. Good luck.

I'd like to thank everyone who responded to my request. I'd rather not name
names in case I forget someone. :-)

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