SUMMARY : X remote

From: Tuan Quan (
Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 18:23:59 CDT

Again thanks for all of you for your quick & helpful responses.

Here is a summary:

Q. Running X remotely, let's say run application "admintool" under X from a
remote machine, and be able to display it on a local machine?

A. You're at machine A, running X (Solaris OpenWindows); want to add
use X applications on a machine B, let's say "admintool".

machine A : Run "xhost +hostB"
               and "rlogin hostB" or "telnet hostB"

machine B: Run "setenv DISPLAY hostA:0"
                and "admintool" or "admintool &" to run
in background

The "admintool" application will run from B, but will display window in A.
hostA and hostB are host names of the two machine.
hostA and hostB can be replaced by their IP addresses.

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