SUMMARY: wabi, excel (was powerpoint), and printing

From: Walter Moore (
Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 15:20:36 CDT

Original request correction/addendum:
User can not print EXCEL file with 4 graphs per page, only
prints 3 or 4 graphs. User sees error:
"Not enough System Resources to complete display"
The users can see and preview print the graphs just fine, just
cant print them. I had tried resetting the /var/spool/lp to
the swap dir, where there's plenty of room, but it didnt help.
The machine has 2GB of memory and 1.5 GB available swap.

No one form the mailing list answered, but the problem turned
out that if the 'view' was set to 50%, instead of the default
100%, the file is printed fine. Thank you Sun for your help.

Neither I nor the Sun engineer understood why it is the case, but
it is. The Sun engineer duplicated the problem with my file, but
with his own files was unable to duplicate it.


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