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From: Shaun Penton (
Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 08:03:36 CDT

Hi folks

Thanks for the many replies about this. The initial problem was:

> We have a small network which has evolved over a period of time, and some of
> our older software was licensed for machines which are now scrapped. In
> order to run this software, a former colleague of mine put together a 'sid'
> script, which allows us to change hostid to that of an older machine in
> order to run the software, and then change it back.
> When we change hostid back to the original, it works fine on SS10s, our
> Sparc 2 and our IPX - the hostid command simply echoes the original id.
> However, on the Sparc 5s, the machine crashes with a 'bad trap' message the
> next time a command is run, and performs a 'panic' dump.

Unfortunately, I got sidetracked, and the problem became less urgent than some
of the newer ones! However, I'll summarise the replies, then if I find out
more, I can update you all.

The best route, I think, are the change-id utilities, which I've downloaded
from This
seems to contain all the bits and pieces I need. Other responses suggested an
updated copy of hid, running /usr/sbin/sys-unconfig, which did it's job, but
didn't fix the problem as I never got to change the hostid, which is what I
wanted in the first place. Someone also sent me a previous response to a
similar problem from January this year, which also gave a couple of hints.
Another idea was to re-license the software - not possible, unfortunately, as
we let the maintenance contract slip!

So, thanks for all the replies. I'll keep you posted if the utilities don't
do what I wanted!


Shaun Penton

Replies: (Jay Holt) (Jeff Wasilko) (Aline H. Runde - MicroModule Systems) (Celeste Stokely)
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