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From: Lyle Scully (
Date: Wed Jul 31 1996 - 19:10:53 CDT

Thanks for all who replied to my questions. Everyone was a big help in
pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks to: (David Schiffrin) (Patrick O'Brien)
Edgar V.S. Der-Danieliantz <>
Cameron Humphries <>
Larry Chin <>
applix!cobra! (Charles Homan [ext 422])
Richard Pieri <>

Original Question Follows:

>I have a question regarding DNS. Say I have a organization based on the
>East >coast and they want to have regional "sites" on other servers around
>the >country. The eastern site would be like while the
>regional would be > Two seperate locales sharing the same
>domain ( How do >I go about implementing this in DNS?. What is
>this called? Is it simply a >matter of a CNAME (which I don't think
>because I would still have to have a way >to do it on my machine) or is it
>more involved? The ones I have seen it done on >don't have whois records
>for the "regional" address so I am assuming it is some >DNS trickery or
>some such.

The answer to the problem was actually in my library. I just needed to know
what I was looking for. Almost every response told me to get _DNS & Bind_
by Albitz & Liu (O'Reilley & Assoc.) and read the chapters on Sub Domains
(Parenting). Others actually told me how to do it, but I am still a little
confused so I will read the chapter and figure it out.

Again thanks for all the help.


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