SUMMARY II: Installing CAP60

From: Rasana Atreya (
Date: Wed Jul 31 1996 - 10:26:00 CDT

I got this after I'd already summarized, but thought that this is useful info.


From: Joerg Zanger <>

Hi Atreya,

> I'm trying to install Columbia AppleTalk 60 on a Solaris 2.5.

> ...

> I went to hoping to see if I could find some relevant patches,
> but there are SO MANY of them (about 200). How do I figure out what I need?

You definetely have to get all the patches up to patchlevel 196 (!). I can't
recomment including PL197, because I got problems with Macs sending/receiving
many files. Applying the patches is sure *no* problem and it's the way CAP
is updated (not only bugfixed).

BTW: You should increase the number of filedescriptors in the script that starts
     the aarpd/aufs - processes by including the following line:

            /usr/bin/ulimit -HSn 1024

Otherwise you might run into a similar problem as with PL197.

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