SUMMARY: Installing bind 4.9.4

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Date: Tue Jul 30 1996 - 12:10:08 CDT


My original post:

> My OS is Solaris 2.5. I am told that bind 4.9.4 is more secure than the one
> that comes with the OS.
> Anyways, I downloaded and compiled it, and duely noted all warnings about
> "make install" (Bind's make install destroys /usr/include/netdb.h & replaces
> it with its own, not Solaris compatible version).
> So, my question is: how/what *do* I install (I guess nslookup is one of
> them)?
> And what do I *not* install?

Thanks to the following people for their time and help: (David Schiffrin) (Koen Peeters)
Don Lewis <>
Casper Dik <>
Kevin Davidson <>
Marcelo Maraboli <>

I've Casper Dik's complete response (with a comment from me), because this
combines what everyone else indicated.

Thanks a lot!

Casper Dik:

Well, you can, of course, first install all of Sun's bind related patches
which bring you up to bind 4.9.3.

Then you can install:
        nslookup -> I installed this also -Rasana
        dig -> I installed this also -Rasana

Don't install /usr/lib/, as it conflicts with those patches.
(I.e., the name is now in use by Sun)

For 2.5, the bind 4.9.3 patches are:

102980-07: SunOS 5.5: sendmail patch
103279-02: SunOS 5.5: nscd breaks password shadowing with NIS+
103667-01: SunOS 5.5: DNS spoofing is possible per Cern ca-96.02
103703-01: SunOS 5.5: source modification and rebuild for BIND 4.9.3
103746-01: SunOS 5.5: XFN source modifications for BIND 4.9.3

103667-01 includes a new bind, include and

The others are recompiles and relinks of the applications and libraries
linked against libresolv.

But don't kid yourself: the DNS is largely maintained outside your control, so
trusting its content is not appropriate.


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