SUMMARY: PC-NFS problems with rcp

From: System Administrator (
Date: Tue Jul 30 1996 - 11:54:26 CDT

The solution was to place commands using 'grep' after the
following line in my .cshrc file, thus avoiding their
execution when not in an interactive shell. It seems 'rcp'
doesn't like them.

  if ($?USER == 0 || $?prompt == 0) exit
The offending line was the following:

  set REMOTE_SYSTEM=`who | grep ${PORT} | awk '{print $6}' | sed 's^(^^' | sed 's^)^^'`

After moving this line down in my .cshrc file the 'rcp' errors

Thanks to all those who replied!!!

Matt Marlow

Original message:
>I have PC-NFS running on my PCs, and they communicate with
>our Solaris 2.4 machines. Recently, we've lost the use of
>our 'rcp' command.
>When we try 'rcp', we get the following error:
> Response character is 103.
> grep: can't open a
>I've read all the docs for PC-NFS and haven't found any
>reference to this error. Since the error started to appear
>on all PCs at the same time, I guess that the problem's
>source is our Sun PCNFS server.
>We can mount the Sun disks using 'net use' and
>complete the file transfer that way. But why does 'rcp'
>bomb? It used to work just fine - and now it fails on
>all 5 PCs!
>Any hints would be greatly appreciated...

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