SUMMARY: Solaris 2.5, using alternate window managers with CDE

From: Peter L. Buschman (
Date: Mon Jul 29 1996 - 20:00:29 CDT

This turned out to have two solutions.

The first one was not to add anything to the CDE login screen at all, but
rather to have my ~/.xinitrc file setup to start fvwm rather than olwm.
To use that session, all that became necessary was to choose OpenWindows
desktop rather than CDE.

For my purposes, however, I needed to keep my OpenWin environment intact.
I wanted to add another login option for my FVWM desktop to the main login
screen. The answer to this was found in the sun-managers archive at
http://aurora.latech.ecu/sunman-search.html (found by searching for
the keyword "FVWM")

The files I ended up creating were

  (copied and modified from Xresources.ow in the same dir.)
/usr/dt/config/Xsession.fvwm and
  (copied and modified from Xsession.ow and Xsession.ow2 in the same dir.)

Effectively, I copied the OpenWindows startup files exactly, just under
slightly different names. Then I edited them, and replaced all references
to olwm with fvwm (or deleted entries for programs I did not want loaded.)

Everything is working adorably now. You can do some nifty things with the
CDE icons and FVWM :)

Thanks to:

Niall O Broin <> for pointing me to the Sun-Managers archive
for the final solution, and
Kevin Davidson <> for pointing out the trick with .xinitrc.

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