Summary: x-term on Pentium

From: Houser, Doug W. (
Date: Mon Jul 29 1996 - 17:58:29 CDT

To run x-term on a pentium laptop to sun solaris 2.4 ...
Quite a few options were mentioned:

1) Solarnet PC-X with Sun TCP/IP drivers
2) 3C589 pcmcia card (network), 28.8K PPP (modem)
3) PMX (X-server software from IBM) and OS/2 Warp Connect
4) Hummingbird eXceed or eXceed/Express
5) DeskView/X
6) Linux
7) FreeBSD
8) Solaris x86
9) Netmanage's Xoftware
10) Graph-ON GO-Global
11) Lan WorkPlace from Novell
12) TGV

Most people recommended eXceed, although GO-Global is definitely worth
looking into, as my application will be network simulation, a memory hog.
 Thanks for the many replies. They are...

Peter Schauss:
We are using Solarnet PC-X (from Sun). Like all of the other products
of which I am aware, it runs under MS Windows and does crash
ocassionally because of Windows bugs. It runs better if used with
the Sun TCP/IP drivers which come with it.

Eric R. Ramelli:
When I am in the office, I use a 3C589 pcmcia card for my network
When I am traveling or at home, I use a 28.8K PPP connection.
My notebook configuration:
  Thinkpad 701
  16 meg memory
  OS/2 Warp Connect
  PMX (X-server software from IBM)

Bert Shure:
the market leader and absolute best software is exceed from
hummingbird. (i'm biased because i use and resell it.)
check for minimum configuration.
you didn't mention if you will be connecting by ethernet or modem.
if you are connecting by modem, then the speed of the modem
will be the limiting factor. you could get by with a 386sx if you are
using a 14.4 modem! hummingbord offers exceed/express if you
want to bypass tcp/ip & PPP to get faster X.

Rahul Roy:
Get Hummingbird Exceed for your PC - you get a full X-server with it ....

Mike (Mehran) Salehi:

Herbert Wengatz:
You have quite a lot possibilities.
a.) install DeskView/X
b.) install Linux
c.) install FreeBSD
d.) install Solaris x86
The Linux-Version is a nice Idea, since there's already a size-optimzed
Version as "Linux as a X-Terminal" available.
For best compatiblity with the sun products, you should install
Solaris for x86. But this is, as far as i assume, the most expensive

Jeff Putsch:
We use one of two products to accomplish this task:
  Hummingbird's eXceed:
  Netmanage's Xoftware:
We are currently using Netmanage's product beccause it is easier to install,

setup and use which means less support demands from our users. We are
also testing a new, yet to be released, product from Graph-ON called
GO-Global. It has much of the functionality of the other two packages, but
seems to have a radically (200%+) improved interactive response times. Over
28.8 modem it is *almost* like being at work (well, not quite, but MUCH
better than either Hummingbird or eXceed). This product also puts much less
on the laptop's resources, requiring about 1Meg of hardisk
We are keeping a close eye on Graph-ON's product because of it's

Dan Pritts:
i would use eXceed for Windows as the x server software.
depending on your network, an ethernet pcmcia card (i would generally
buy 3com) or a modem may be appropriate; exceed has support for
low-speed x over a modem.

George P Josilo:
use Hummingbirds exceeds program, for windows95, NT, 3.1
it should work for all of these platforms - don't know about
OS/2 - they might? this package will trap x-calls and display
them to your pc screen. dont forget to set your DISPLAY
variable in your .profile or login session.

Claude Roy:
I have personnaly tried three product...
TGV : Not bad it comes with a very flexible Telnet and the X-Server is not
bad... Price is low but the software does have some pitfalls... The WinSock
could be more standard. TGV as a company was recently bought by Cisco...
On a site license can be as low as 50$/users
Lan WorkPlace from Novell... The best one to integrate in an odi/mlid mixed
protocol environment. The X-Server is a little slow but quite complete.
The suite comes with nice well designed utilities. Around 70-100$/users
depending on the size of the licence pack
Hummingbird : The Standard of the industry. It's only flaw is the tcp/ip
stack that is in reality pc/tcp.... X wise probably the oldest of the three
and the more debugged and most stable. Expensive kit... > 300$/users...
My choice is a tcp/ip stack from Novell enhanced by some of TGV utilities
and ultimately running Hummingbird X-Server.... Try this one with your CFO
and he might whip you....

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