SUMMARIZE : Perl on Sun OS 4.1.1 (UPDATE)

From: Stephane Legrand (
Date: Mon Jul 29 1996 - 07:01:51 CDT


Thanks to all sun-managers who answered to me.
Here is the list of all contributors : (Stephen Harris)
        Juyoung Park <>
        Mike Varney <> (Bill Townsley)
        Michael Blandford <>
        Benjamin Cline <>
        "Mark `Hex' Hershberger" <>
        Martin Espinoza <> (David Schiffrin)

and the winner : Rachel Polanskis <> for his major

And now, the summary.

Yes, of course, it is possible to install Perl on Sun OS 4.1.1.

Get the latest version. The versions 5.003, 5.002 and 4.036 work fine.
gcc (2.6.3 or later) is recommended but cc should work. It's also
recommended to build Perl as super-user becauses the configure script works
better as super-user.

With SunOS, it failed 10% of the tests, which was not good,
but managed to obtain a 100% test success with a static build of the extensions.
(look at precision from Rachel Polanskis below).

Also, if you have the space, install Tcl and Tk, which built without
error on an IPC, and also Perl-Tk which provides graphical extensions to
perl 5.00X.

Precision from Rachel Polanskis <> :

>On Saturday,
>We found out with some experimentation, we could get 100% success
>on the tests by checking LD_LIBRARY_PATH did not contain "/lib:" as one
>of the path members.

> needs the absolute path to some of the libraries that contain
>the dlopen() function, and if it can not be found,
>the perl modules compiled dynamically (and that use the dynaloader)

>By removing "/lib:" from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH we achieved
>a clean build of perl 5.003


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