SUMMARY: Windows telnet programs

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Date: Fri Jul 26 1996 - 13:10:47 CDT

Hi Everyone,

    Very quick responses. The http sites below have some very extensive
collections of windows related programs in many areas, not just telnet and
terminals. (The Ultimate Winsock Collection) (Stroud's ConsumateWindowSoftware Apps List)

McGill U has a snazzy tn3270 client (with VTeverything). They also have a
Win95 version.

CRT from vandyke is pretty good he can be found on compuserve or this address

I use QVT from home and am fairly happy with it. The most happy I am is when I crank up Linux and then it's just like working on my machine at work when I telnet. But for Win95 give QVT a try.

Thanks to the following folks for the generosity of their time.
John D Groenveld
Jeff Brody
Daniel Beaudry
Robert Dexter
Michael Salehi
Phil Ritzenthaler
Fernando Frota Redigolo
James Scobee

Thomas \:)

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