Summary: Greek and Spainish characters!

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Thu Jul 25 1996 - 12:10:15 CDT

Hello, thanks for answers, I still wonder if there is a way to type
greek charaters without Greek keyboard? When you have some files on PC
have Spainish and Greek charaters in it, tranfer to SUN, Spainish still
there, not Greek!

Feng Qiu

>Question: how do I type Greek or spainish characters on the Sun.


Usually with a Greek or Spanish keyboard and the LANG and LOCALE stuff
set to the proper environment.

                l & h,


You can use SUN keyboard's Compose Key Sequences. For example, press:
the compose key + A + ' will give you: D.

And compose + S + O will give you: '.


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