SUMMARY: TIS Syslogd on Solaris-2.5

From: Forrest Aldrich (
Date: Wed Jul 24 1996 - 13:11:45 CDT

I had inquiries to this, so I figured I'd summarize my findings:

I was told that the TIS syslog/syslogd would not work properly on Solaris-2.5
because SysV uses STREAMS for its syslogging (/dev/log, etc.). I don't understand
some of the particulars about this, perhaps someone could elaborate.

It was suggested that I hard-code a definition of MSG_BSIZE and to change the
call from "union wait status;" to "int wait;" (or something similar).

I was further advised that if I #define'd UDPSYSLOG in the FWTK code and recompiled
that it would work fine with the stock syslog/syslogd (in the chroot()).

The feature from the TIS syslog/syslogd that most appeals to me is the ability
have regex'ing in the syslog.conf, whereby you could do:

        "BADSU" /var/adm/sulog
        "somestring" /var/adm/another_log
        "smap" /var/adm/smap_log

which, IMHO, offers better control over where entries go. I've never been a fan
of the stock syslogd with its FACILITIES and such.

The INNunoff4 package contains code for a syslog/syslogd/logger. I would imagine
that, given the motivation and effort, one could merge the regexing code from the
TIS version into this and utilize it on Solaris. But that won't be me! :-)

Thanks to all who responded. I'm still waiting to hear from


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