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Date: Thu Jul 25 1996 - 09:07:05 CDT

There were 8 very diverse replies. I need further help in paring
down the number of possibilities. Don.

** Use monochrome Mosaic (mosaic -mono): This is happening
because Mosaic or Netscape takes the entire colormap. Use "mosaic
-nocolor" (actually it is "mosaic -mono") - Rahul Roy.
** Close WordPerfect and other color intensive applications
before starting Mosaic (Thomas White, Colin Melville).

** Use the "own colormap" option if the application supports it
(Richard Pieri). This causes "color flashing." With Netscape run
the netscape -install option to reduce the number of colors it
uses (Birger Wathne)

** Change the flags for /Xresources since some flags reduce the
number of colors used (Keith Willenson). [I rang up WordPerfect
before I heard about the flags. There is a startup option which
can be aliased to the "xwp" command:
      xwp -maxColors n (n=216, 125, 16, 2). I tried each of these
and the strange thing is that the original colors were retained
for all values of n!! However, the lower values do allow full
colors for Mosaic. I also learned that there is a low memory
option "xwp -lowmem"]

** Buy a framebuffer with 32 bits per pixel. I may have the
monochrome frame buffer or a frame buffer with few colors
(8bits=256 colors) - Herbert Wengatz. Is this a chip? (DFP).

** Increase physical memory and swap space (P. Rajaseker)

** Buy a cg3 video board. The problem is the 8-bit (256 colors)
screen (Birger Wathne). Buy from Sun a cg3 video board (Richard
Pieri). The supplied video board for Sparc5 is 8-bit and cannot
display more than 256 colors. Upgrade the monitor to 24 bit
color and install the indicated font (Kenneth Simpson). Check the
number of "planes" (depth) on the Sparc5 and any other secondary
monitor. It should be 8 planes (256 color) and not less.

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> If I am running WordPerfect -xwp & and then call up mosaic I get
> messages like:
> Warning:cannot allocate color map entry for #e7e7e7e7e7e7
> " " " " " " #9c9c9c9c9c9c etc
> Warning: cannot convert string
> "-*-lucidatypewriter-medium-r-normal-*-14-*-iso8859-1" to type FontStruct
> Warning: cannot allocate color map entry for:"blue2"
> and more.
> On running some other xapplications after WordPerfect I get:
> "Color matching. No more colors left in the color map: Changing screen color
> to Monochrome"
> Anybody know how to fix this? I will be glad to post a summary. Don
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