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thank you for your answers.

My original question was:
Dear SUN-Managers,

we have three SUN-Sparc-Station (20 or 5) with Solaris2.5 or SUN-
OS4.1.3. They are connected to our local Network using NIS and NFS.

Now our managment is up to buy a new SUN Ultra1-Server Model 140. The
problem is, that they don't want to buy a proper screen, because of
the expences.

Is there any possibility to install Solaris 2.5 remote, from one of
the Sparc-Stations?

Or do I have a chance, to use a PC with kermit-softaware as console
for the installation? (The Installation is based on windows, but
kermit only emulates an Ascii-Terminal)

I hope, that this list is the right adresse for my question.
Thank you in advance

Christine Komma

I try to summarize the important points of the answers:

There should be no problems in using an ASCII-Terminal or a PC for 
installing Solaris 2.5.
It has to be connected to ttya-Port with a null modem cable. The 
connection parameters are 9600 baud, 8 bits , 1 stop bit and no 
Xon/Xoff. Pin 2 of the SUN has to be connected to pin 3 of the PC and 
vice versa for correct communication. No framebuffer/keyboard/graphic 
card must be connected before booting.

Kermit is fine for emulation, but there are other more comfortable tools like PROCOMM, PCPLUS, or windows "Terminal" accessory in VT100 mode.

There is a curses based version of the installation programm for ASCII-terminals.

The only problem will be, turning off the PC or closing kermit will halt the Ultra. ----

An other hint is buying a VGA-compatible card (i.e Integrix) and a regular VGA-monitor. That will be a lot cheaper then the Graphic- Screen. -------

Remote Installation is possible with the SUN-Product Jump-Start. -------

You can connect another SUN to the server from serial port to serial port. It is possible to log on the server with the tip-command. For this the other SUN has to have an entry in the /etc/remote file for hardwire. --------

Many thanks to:

Peter R Alliott, Ric Anderson, Daniel Blander, Niall O'Broin, Albert Brouwer, Glenn Carver, Benjamin Chine, Edgar V.S. Der-Danieliantz, Thomas Esser, Jens Fischer, Craig Gates, Brian Graham, John D Groenveld, Stephen Harris, Viet Hoang, Bravo Israel, George P. Josilo, Paul Kanz, Rick Kelly, Wayne McCormick, David Milun, Jason Noorman, Trevor Parquette, Steve Phelps, Dave Plummer, Claude Roy, Glenn Satchell, Kevin Sheehan, Kai O'Yang, Asim Zuberi, the ones I missed and the ones who's mails are still on the way.


Christine Komma

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