SUMMARY: Solstice Firewall-1 v 2.0 light

From: Simon-Bernard Drolet (
Date: Mon Jul 22 1996 - 10:40:54 CDT

Hi Sunner's,

Finally, here's the solution.

First, stop FW-1 software.

Verify that the file /etc/fw/conf/external.if has the right external interface
define in it. In our case, the external interface is le1, so all I need to do
is put le1 in that file.

Second action, remove the file called /etc/fw/database/fwd.h that is created
every time FW1 is started.

Restart FW-1.

All should be ok.

BTW, the licensing of Firewall-1 Light is 50 active node a the same time. So
you can have an internal network of 250 hosts without any problems if at anytime
no more that 50 hosts is using the firewall to access the Internet.


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