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Date: Fri Jul 19 1996 - 12:51:29 CDT

Sun Managers:

thanks to all who contributed....there are too many answers to include all here
but if you want I'll email you the email folder I created with all the
answers....basically the answers fell into one of four "categories".

1. you can't do this

2. tar the file up from the directory in which it sits, i.e.

        a) cd /somedir
        b) tar cvf somefile.tar somefile
        c) cd /someotherdir
        d) tar xvf somefile.tar

**I NEGLECTED to mention I inherited this file--so I could't do this...but
thanks for helping mi avoed futre mistekes....

3. get gnu (in progress-sort of)

4. several suggestions about renaming existing directories and creating
new ones or overlaying directories with other directories etc....

Here's the thank-you list...if you're not here, sorry I missed you but thanks
mucho anyway...

Mark S. Anderson
Peter Schauss
Michael Maciolek
Plesha, Tom A.
George Goffe
Shane Bouslough
Stephen Harris
Richard L. Johnson
Thomas White
Michael Salehi
Christopher E. Olaes
Brent Chivers
Frank Pardo
Michael Zimmerman
Hal Stern
Mark Fogelson
David Gillam
Fernando Frota Redigolo
Reto Lichtensteiger
Danny Johnson
Keith Willenson
Gene Rackow
Cheryl L. Southard
Nate Itkin
Glenn Satchell
Brad Young
George L Roman
Niall O Broin
Fedor Gnuchev
Albert Brouwer
Steve Phelps
Martin Achilli
Wis Macomson
Amy Hollander
Jon Everett
Ernie Chan
Christian Masopust
John Benjamins


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