SUMMARY Re: anonymous ftp

From: Randy Grimshaw (rgrimsha@MailBox.Syr.Edu)
Date: Fri Jul 19 1996 - 07:18:58 CDT

        Special Thanks to:
Ryan P. Skadberg David Pope
Nicky Ayouo Steve Slater
David Schiffrin Jake Luck
Matt Bottrell Ken Taylor
Erin Copeland

  Who all responded with information about the /etc/shells file which I
had misconfigured to contain the name of each shell without their complete
pathnames -- such as csh where /bin/csh was required. It really needs to
be there and have pathnames matching each users shell entry in
/etc/passwd. i.e. Examples should look something like this:


Thanks again everyone

On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, Randy Grimshaw wrote:

> This is something that has me stumped. I configured a SunOS 4.1.3_u1
> system for anonymous ftp. Now I cannot ftp in with a normal account...
> existing accounts are rejected without even asking for a passwd.
> Anonymous works. Non existent users are prompted for a passwd. in.ftpd is
> intact from the distribution media. ??? Any ideas.
> <><randall

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