SUMMARY II: monitoring DNS

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Hi and thanks to Reto Lichtensteiger <>,
                 Bill Krauss <billk@LANcomp.COM>,
                 Nicky Ayoub <Nicky.Ayoub@Microchip.COM>,
                 Jochen Bern <> ,
                 Michael Ryan <>

Original question
I would like to know if possible to filter incoming requests for my DNS.

I can prensently filter incoming requests for many network services like
ftp, telnet, etc... with TCPWrapper 7.4


<> said:

<<If you block server requests, then how will anyone look up your mail

So, by the way I have to have a DNS visible for the world.

<> ,

they said around the samethings:

<<It's important to split my DNS>>

<<This is where you set up two DNS servers. The 1st
  answers DNS queries to the outside world and sits on the outside
  of your firewall. The 2nd is inside the firewall and answers
  DNS queries for the internal network. The inside server uses
  the outside server as a "forwarders" and is a "slave". The
  outside server contains entries for just the machines you want
  the world to know about (e.g. Web server, FTP server, mail
  server, etc.). >>

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