SUMMARY: Local hostname problems with DNS

From: Dave Roberts (
Date: Wed Jul 17 1996 - 08:26:39 CDT

Wow, this list sure gets answer when you Americans wake up :-)

My orginal problem in one sentance: "When I use nslookup with a simple
hostname, DNS fails and is actually looking for ''."

Hitting the nail on the head, Doug Bloebaum <>, was
kind enough to at work on time in EST, and hence mailed back thusly:-

> I got bit by this one a while back, too. It seems that Sun's resolver
> will append the NIS (and I assume NIS+) domainname to DNS queries.
> This makes sense. The part that doesn't is that it strips the first
> level from the domainname UNLESS it begins with a "+". To get around
> this I added the following line to /etc/resolv.conf:
> domain

Thanks also to "Andrew F. Mitchell" <> who provided
this answer, as well as a few other things to check just in case. Also
to Shouben Zhou <zshouben@PCS.CNU.EDU>, who is another early bird. With
Jochen Bern <bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE> suggesting that I get BIND instead.

Plus thanks to those that will mail me before the summary reaches them.

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