SUMMARY : writing seamlessly to 2 by 2GB disks

From: James Cassidy (
Date: Wed Jul 17 1996 - 04:06:00 CDT

Hi all,

        I would like to thank all those who responded to the following:

        I wonder if the following is possible ( I think not myself ).

        I have 2 by 2GB disks available on two seperate Sol 4.1.3_U1
        Sparc5 / Sparc20 machines.

        I have an application who's output is 3 files with a total
        capacity in access of 2.5GB.

        I would like to make the 2 by 2GB disks into a single virtual 4GB
        partition via the automounter, so that the application thinks it
        has enough contiguous disk space

        I know the simplest answer is to buy a 4GB disk but I would like to
        make use of these spare disks.

        A summary will be forthcoming.


The general consensus was as follows:

        4.1.x only supports a filesystem / partition size limit of 2GB.

        Use Online DiskSuite to stripe / concatenate into single 4GB partition,
        and the disks must be on the same machine. ( This
        allows filesystems to span over more than one physical disk ).
        You'll need Online DiskSuite version 1.0 for SunOS to do this.
        Make sure patch 101590-03 is applied as well

        The automounter system does not solve this problem.

        If you have a Solaris 2.x machine, then share a 4GB plus disk
        to the network and mount it on the Sol 1.1.x machine thats
        running the application.


I wish to thank the following people:

Craig Ledbetter <>
Mark Belanger <>
Trevor Paquette <>
Fedor Gnuchev <> (Bruce R Baier)
Bill Krauss <billk@LANcomp.COM> (Kevin Sheehan) (Peter Bestel) (Stefens Rob) (Niall O Broin)

        James Cassidy.

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