SUMMARY- 10Mb/100Mb in same Hub

From: Craig Gruneberg (
Date: Tue Jul 16 1996 - 07:55:23 CDT


Not exactly a SUN specific question but as a Sun Admin I do poke
around the network! :-) ( flames to /dev/null please ).

Anyone aware of a HUB that will allow both 10Mb and 100Mb ethernet
to co-exist in harmony on the same wire?

Sure seems like a product with a market considering not all
networked hardware can be brought up to 100Mb at the same time
in a cost effective manner.

Thanks and will summarize,

Looks like most people think a bridge is what is required although
there appears to be some Hubs which autosense and can tolerate both
10Mb and 100Mb connections.


From: Justin Young <>

Yes. Cabletron makes one which has 8-ports. Warning. It's $8400 with an
educational discount.

Also, you may want to consider a switch which is cheaper. A switch will
give you one to two 100MB ports and 8 to 24 10MB/s ports. Best to run
your file servers at 100 and your workstations at 10.

From: (Martin Achilli)

The cheapest options I have found so far are the 3com Linkswitch 1000 and the new 37XX series switching hub by Allied Telesys. Both these have a 100Mb port and 16 switched 10Mb ports.

From: Michael Ramchand <>

For this to happen you actually need a switch, rather than a Hub. (as
the Hub will have to perform a speed conversion through the use of
buffers and the like).

Bay Networks has two products you may find useful:

a 28115 Switch which has 16 Ports each capable of running 10 or 100
BaseT at Full or Half Duplex speeds.

There is a newer model called the 28200 which is a four slot switch and
allows you to plug in Dual 100 BaseT or FL, and 8 10BaseT modules into
the slots.

From: Tony Jago <>

 The bay networks 28115 (and others) can do this but they are quite
 expensive. Its better to get a 100 meg hub and a 10 meg hub and hook then
 together with a 100M cable or if your richer still get some sort of
 stackable system.

From: (Dave Haut)

I'm not sure I understand your question, but if you are looking for a switch
that supports BOTH 10baseT and 100baseT connections, I'm sure you can get
it from any of the big guys.

We have BayNetwork 28104 switches that can be programmed for 10 or 100baseT
half/full duplex independantly on any port.

From: John Justin Hough <>

  a lot 100BTX Hubs will support 10BT connections; in most of the adds
  the autosensing/fallback ability is just something they don't want
  to stress. Addtron's AEF-8TX does, and it is relatively inexpensive,
  though it may not be smart (SNMP capable).

From: My Full Name <>

give cabletron a call..

they have some nice new toys... do you want a switching hub? you could get
one with plug-in epims and the like.. so you could slide in a FDDI module
later on...

as for a specific module.. we just got two esxmim's one is fiber the other
10baseT... from cabletron

i found cabltron and 3com to be quite helpful.. just call them, tell them what
you'd like to do and they can suggest some ways of going about doing it...
more than what i got out of digital.

check out their web pages...

i don't remember sun supporting hubs .....

From: Law Hon Man <>
You need a switch or a bridge in order to mix the traffic of 10/100

From: (Ed Mehlschau)

To be precise, most network vendors seem to equate HUB and REPEATER.
Such an animal as you describe (a 10/100 repeater) I have not seen --
which probably makes sense since how would one retime and regenerate
the signals at the different bit rates. Store and forward (bridging)
appears to be necessary.

If what you want is a box that has both 10 and 100Mb/s ports, the only
devices that seem to support that are bridges a.k.a. switches from
vendors like Grand Junction a.k.a. Cisco. Also recommended is 3com.


From: Ashley Gilbert <>

Try Cabletron's MMAC+ with SMARTSWITCH cards.


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