SUMMARY: CDE Screen Lock

From: Timothy Henrion (
Date: Mon Jul 15 1996 - 12:00:58 CDT

Unfortunately, the solution to my problem does not work. My original

> I have a network of Sparc 20's and 5's. One Sparc 20 is the NIS+ root
> server and the nfs server for users' home directories. My problem is
> that I can only use the CDE screen lock on that one Sparc. If I try
> to lock any other workstation, I get a beep and the following shows
> up in the ~/.dt/errorlog file:
> Wed Jul 10 14:56:18 1996
> dtsession: Unable to lock display due to security restrictions.
> I've looked at Answerbook and the man pages, but can't find anything
> about these security restrictions.
> I'm running Solaris 2.5. Any ideas?

This apparently is a bug in Solaris. (Bug id 1222114) Sun has a
workaround listed on their SunSolve web page. But the workaround
doesn't solve the problem. Sun says that the problem can be fixed by:

chmod 0555 /usr/dt/bin/dtsession

But a close reading of the bug description reveals the following

> This workaround does'nt work at the customer site

And it didn't work for me either. One solution is to use xlock instead
of the CDE screen lock.

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