Summary: CDE question: .profile

From: Judy Huang (uni!nature!
Date: Mon Jul 15 1996 - 08:16:03 CDT

My original question was:
  After logging into CDE, if I open a dtterm, my .profile will
not be read, but if I open a console, my .profile will be read.

I checked my .dtprofile and un-comment "DTSOURCEPROFILE=true", but this
doesn't work.

Thanks a lot to:
***Justin Young <>, who said I need to
uncomment the one in /etc/dt/config/dtprofile

***David Willard <>, who said I need to have "-ls"
option when I open dtterm

***Anthony Worrall <>, who suggested "-ls"

***Matt Hill <>, who suggested to put ". ./.profile" at
the end of .dtprofile

***DonWilliams <>, who also
suggested me to put ". ./.profile" at the end of .dtprofile

***Jafar Shameem <>, suggested to use
"dtterm -ls".

My solution is:

Put a "dtterm -ls" entry at the end of my .dtprofile. In this way, when
I go into CDE environment, I can open new Terminals from that dtterm.

But still, if I open new Terminals from "Workspace Menu->Programs", I
still cannot have my .profile being read.

How can I modify the system settings?

thanks a lot!

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