SUMMARY: Barracuda format problem - defect list

From: Francisco Amaro (
Date: Fri Jul 12 1996 - 13:35:26 CDT

 First, many thanks to those who replied.
 The majority says that I had a bad drive, and should return it.
 I did that on Monday, and the reseller confirmed that the drive was bad.
 They also promised me that I would get a new drive by the end of the
 week, but it's 19:00 Friday and no drive at sight...
 I also got a reply with a format.dat entry that I didn't see in the
 mailing-list archive. I've included it, just in case .
 Sorry about the late summary, but I was waiting the replacement...
 I can email all the answers I got, if someone requests it.

The brave ones: (Eric x7012 MCO test eng) Eric R. Ramelli (Brett Lymn)
"Christopher E. Olaes" <> (Giorgio Mantini - ESRIN/RS/E System Administrator x685)
Fedor Gnuchev <> (George Goffe) (Doug Vanderlip)

and Gerard Heim <> says:

with this drives, I always use that for my format.dat file :
disk_type = "Seagate ST15150N" : ctlr = SCSI \
        : ncyl = 3696 : acyl = 2 : pcyl = 3698 \
        : nhead = 21 : nsect = 108 : rpm = 7200 \
        : bpt = 55296

place jumpers : J4 13-14 (parity disabled)
                J01 (term. power to SCSI bus OR term. power from drive)

Use only active terminator & short scsi cable.
but if the PRIM command does not works with the drive so configured,
U have to replace the drive because it is defect.

Have a nice day!


My original post :

Hello sun managers,
We bought a new hard disk, a 4 Gb Seagate Barracuda ( ST15150N ) for
our Sparc Server 1000, running Solaris 2.5 and I having some
problems with it.
When I try to format the disk ( format says the disk is unformated ) it
complays about not finding the defect list and stops.
I already tried the 'defect' option, but it can't extract the primary or
grown defect list. In the archives there's a reference to this, but the
work-around is for SunOS 4 , not Solaris. And it says that the reason is
that some drives have a SCSI controller onboard. I don't think this is
the case, but giving the fact that this is a new drive design, Seagate could
be using some kind of masquerading ...
I have tried to do a low level format on a PC using a Adaptec 2920, but it
gives the same error message.
The drive return proper id's when probed and it's firmware revision 23.
I'm using the settings of the master format.dat. In fact, I've tried
all the settings in the mailing list archives, but no luck.
Scsiping and Scsiinfo return manufacter's and model name, firmware
revision and then some obscure error message.
It is NOT a cable problem, I've used 3 or 4 different cables and passive
and active terminators. The drive is in a nobrand external box.

Is the drive hosed and should I return it ? ( red tape involved...)
Is there a workaround for this? ( a reason why does this happen would be
nice too...)
Or am I doing something completely stupid ? ( shame on me...)

Any help would be appreciated.


Francisco Amaro - Sysadm Rede Novas Licenciaturas 

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