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From: Rahul Roy (
Date: Fri Jul 12 1996 - 12:53:56 CDT

Is this an amazing list or what ???!!!!!! The problem lay in my .exrc
file which was putting in invisible characters of some kind. Most of the
respondents leant towards setting the EDITOR and TERM environmental
variables, which I already had in place. The correct answer came from
John C. Jensen who suggested removing the .exrc file.

Thanks to :

Jerry Springer <>
John C. Jessen <jcj@viking.raster.Kodak.COM>
Susan Feng <sfeng@CAST.Stanford.EDU>
Karlheinz Pischke <>

My original posting :

Hi Managers,

        This has me stumped.....I have a user (butler), whose name is
present in the cron.allow file. When I try to edit butler's crontab, I
get this message when I try to save it :

"/tmp/crontaba005XB" 1 line, 35 characters
     The editor indicates that an error occurred while you were
     editing the crontab data - usually a minor typing error.
     Edit again, to ensure crontab information is intact (y/n)?
     ('n' will discard edits.)

I could not find a solution for this anywhere - any help will be
appreciated !!! System : Ultra170E, Solaris 2.5

Note : All other users whose names are in the cron.allow file have
absolutely no problem editing their crontab files....just this user...

butler:x:819:201:Butler Account:/export/home/butler:/bin/ksh

No name service is being run.

Thanks in anticipation !!


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