SUMMARY: Way to swap keyboards without halting?

From: Fletcher Cocquyt (
Date: Thu Jul 11 1996 - 10:52:16 CDT

Well, the consensus is there is no way to stop the machine from halting
when the new keyboard is plugged in since the RS-232 serial specification
calls for a break to be sent as a "failsafe"

However, as everyone pointed out, the downtime can be minimized by typing
go at the ok prompt or c at the > prompt to continue. This may not work
100% of the time, so be warned...

Thanks to the respondants:

"Trevor Paquette" <> (Stephen Harris)
Stephen Potter <>
root@wisdom.Maf.Nasa.Gov (Jeff Popp) (Petros Michalis)
"Doug Bloebaum" <> (Jerry Springer) (Anders Hammarquist)
Matthew Stier - Imonics Corporation <>

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