SUMMARY: Filedescriptor limit under Solaris 1.x

From: Bernd Schwarzkugler (
Date: Thu Jul 11 1996 - 08:00:14 CDT

The "final" words about 'file descriptors' limitations:

1. Under plain Solaris 1.x the hard limit is 256.
   (The OS supports up to 256 open file descriptors per process)

2. The file descriptor limit can't be set in the kernel config file.
3. You cannot change the NOFILE paramter unless you have the kernel source code. ;-(

4. With SunDBE (Sun Database Excelerator) the limit will grow up to 1024 !



- Run SunDBE if you must increase the file descriptors limit higher than 256 !

Thanks to the following people:


Bernd Schwarzkugler

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