SUMMARY: How to move DiskSuite metadevices from one system to another

From: Fletcher Cocquyt (
Date: Tue Jul 09 1996 - 13:22:06 CDT

My best guess turned out to be good enough this time.

One warning: be careful if/when re-metainit'ing mirrors that only
one of submirrors is attached at the time, otherwise you risk losing

Thanks to all those who replied:

"Duane R. Larkin" <>
Daniel Lorenzini <> (Sean McInerney)
Matthew Stier - Imonics Corporation <> (David Schiffrin)
mro@LANcomp.COM (Mike Ordun)
"Trevor Paquette" <>

Original Posting:

I will need to physically move a set of metadevices from my test environment
(Solaris 2.5, DiskSuite 4.0) to a new system, also Solaris 2.5, but which is
not yet running DiskSuite.

This does not appear to be covered in the DiskSuite Answerbook, so the
question is put to the collective wisdom of this list:

How to move the disks so the metadevices show up on the new system?

My best guess would be the following procedure:

1) Install DiskSuite and patches to new system (already done actually)
2) Copy configuration files from /etc/opt/SUNWmd on the old system to
   the new system
3) Bring down the new system, attach the drives and do a boot -r
4) Verify the metadevices and metadb's were recognized with metastat.
   If they aren't found, repeat step 2 and run metainit -a

Before I put these drives in production I would like to hear from people
who have successfully moved drives under control of DiskSuite 4.0

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