SUMMARY: 'elm' saving outgoing msgs

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Date: Tue Jul 09 1996 - 13:15:46 CDT

Hi Folks,

    As usual, I quickly received several excellent replies to my question.
The issue at hand was how to save the messages which you create during an
'elm' mailer session, without using the editor save command (that is save
the messages automatically as part of the mailing process). The following
answer from James Coby is the first best solution.


Thomas \:)

From: (James Coby)

Hello Tom,

  I see there is a .elm directory in my home directory.
In there is a elmrc file one of the options is as follows:

# save a copy of all outbound messages?
copy = ON
This will put a copy in folder called sent or if user to
which mail is being sent has a folder it will be saved there.

Don't know if this is possible with "joe" but may be worth a shot.


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