SUMMARY: Wierd Email

From: Lisa Paulson (lisa@fci.COM)
Date: Wed Jul 03 1996 - 15:29:07 CDT


Again you have all come thru. I had so many people reply to my delima. The
answer is make sure you click the "done" button after reading mail, not just
close it.

This is exactly what cured the user's problem.

Thanks again for all those who replied. You are great.

Lisa Zenobi Paulson email:
2001 Logic Drive
San Jose, CA 95124

My original question...

I have a little problem with a user who is getting all of her email that she
> already read back in her mailtool.
> The scenerio is Solaris2.5 running on a Sparc5. She is mounting the mail
> directory off of the mail server. She is running Openwindows mailtool. When
> she reads her email and deletes everything seems ok. When she has to reboot
> system for some reason such as a power outtage, all her deleted (or so called)
> email is back and she has about 2000 messages to go thru again.

Status: RO

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