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From: Tim Feeney (
Date: Wed Jul 03 1996 - 10:13:06 CDT

     Thank you all for the quick response. The answers I received from:
        Dave McFerren
        Rahul Roy
        Gregory M Polanski
        Casper Dik
        Reto Lichtensteiger
        Rick Grinnell
     all stated that this should be no problem. Most of these people are
     currently running apps on a 2.5 machine that were compiled on 2.4, or lower
     (Casper stated he has apps compiled on 2.1 running on 2.5 machines).
     Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.
     Original post:
>I am in the process of installing 2.5.1 on a Sparc 20. Since this machine
>will be connected to the internet I would like to put on Tripwire, and
>tcpwrapper. I do not have a compiler for the new system, but do have a
>2.4 system with a compiler. Is there any problem with me compiling the
>code on 2.4, and then transferring it to the 2.5 machine? Also if any one
>has come across problems with compiling/installing these programs please
>give me a heads up. Any config files would be very helpful. As you can
>see I would like to get this done as quickly as possible, the reason being
>that I have to do this on the 4th, and I do not want to spend the entire
>day doing this. Thanks in advance for any help. Have a safe and happy

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