Summary: cc:Mail size problem

From: Art Hebert (
Date: Tue Jul 02 1996 - 15:59:35 CDT

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> I have a problem with email coming from cc:Mail users on the Internet
> which have the nasty habit of growing in size over time.
> Essentially a mail arrives to a sendmail user here and after time grows
> from a very small message to upwards of 80mb.
> All the message contains at this point is the original message and the
> following string(80mb worth):

I haven't tried this as I am upgrading all of my 2.4 machines to solaris
2.5.1 this weekend.

>From Casper Dik:

Install the mailtool patch.

101880-10: OpenWindows 3.4: Mailtool Jumbo Patch
101892-08: OpenWindows 3.4_x86: Mailtool Jumbo Patch


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