SUMMARY : multiple internet addresses on SunOS 4.1.1

From: Stephane Legrand (
Date: Tue Jul 02 1996 - 06:56:29 CDT

This summary describes how to get multiple internet addresses on a Sparc
IPC with SunOS 4.1.1 without several network devices.

Thanks to all managers who have answered and especially :

        Reto Lichtensteiger (
        Hal Stern (stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM)
        John Mendenhall (
        Chuck Smoko (

So, here the steps :

        1 - Get the vif package to allow multiple IP. You can get this at :


                or more recent :


                There is also a web page :


                and FAQ :


        2 - Follow the instructions to install it. Very easy to do. I had
no problem.

                /!\ Don't forget to do the ifconfig and arp commands as
described in the docs.

                After the install, verify you have something like that :

                # ifconfig -a

                        le0: flags=63<UP,BROADCAST,NOTRAILERS,RUNNING>
                                inet netmask ffffff00
                                ether 8:0:20:1f:b0:fc
                        lo0: flags=49<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING>
                                inet netmask ff000000
                        vif0: flags=89<UP,LOOPBACK,NOARP>
                                inet netmask ffffff00
                        vif1: flags=88<LOOPBACK,NOARP>
                        vif2: flags=88<LOOPBACK,NOARP>
                        vif3: flags=88<LOOPBACK,NOARP>

                # netstat -rn

                        Routing tables
                        Destination Gateway Flags
Refcnt Use Interface
5 508538 lo0
0 8 vif0
                        default UG
3 120457 le0
18 220694 le0

        3 - Verify you can do a ping command to the virtual adresses both
from the Sun and from any computers.

                If you can't do a ping from an other computer but you can
do it from the Sun, here is a possible solution to this problem :

                        When you do the command ifconfig -a, look at the
ether address of le0. If this one is 0:0:0:0:0:0, this is the problem !!

                        To correct that, type the command :

                                ifconfig le0 ether
ethernet_address_of_the_Sun -trailers up

                                Ex. : ifconfig le0 ether 8:0:20:1f:b0:fc
-trailers up

                        After, you would be able to ping from everywhere :-)


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