SUMMARY: "Debugging a Program" user's guide

From: Ong Han Ming (
Date: Mon Jul 01 1996 - 20:27:26 CDT

>Dear Sun-Managers,
> I have been reading the man page and the help files in Answerbook
>for dbx. It's always mentioned that I can find out more information by
>reading the "Debugging a Program" user's guide.
> However, I have asked my sys admin and no one knows what that means.
>Could someone please point me to the correct source?
>thanks much, Han Ming

Well, the answer is:

You need to install the SPARCworks/PROworks answerbooks, there's a section
called "Debugging a program" in there.

thanks to
Stefan Rauthenberg rauthenberg@HHI.DE
Casper casper@holland.Sun.COM
Torsten Metzner
Keith Willenson

Han Ming

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