SUMMARY: Solaris 2.5 NFS, FTP Software NFS, MS-Mail

From: Viet Q. Hoang (
Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 18:07:04 CDT

I received some tips from "Chan Cao" <> and
"Kai O'Yang" <> but didn't find a
solution. We found out that the problem is due to some differences
between Solaris 2.3 & 2.5 in the way the NFS lock manager works.

Our limited testing (too many users screaming) shows that
OnNet 2.1 (the latest version) works but OnNet 1.x doesn't.

We switched back to Solaris 2.3 for now until we can do more
testing to make sure OnNet 2.1 really works and will upgrade
our client pc's before attempting the OS upgrade again. Good
thing we still have Solaris 2.3 on our backup disk which made
the OS back-out fairly painless.

My original post:

At 04:00 PM 6/24/96 GMT, I wrote:
>We just upgraded our fileserver from Solaris 2.3 to 2.5,
>this box has a post office for MS-Mail 3.2. The client
>PC's are running FTP Software OnNet 1.x & 2.x to mount
>the filesystem having the post office on it.
>We didn't change anything else other than the OS upgrade
>and MS-Mail stopped working. We tried mounting the post office
>using Samba instead of NFS and MS-Mail started right up.
>Are there some changes in the way NFS works between Solaris
>2.3 and 2.5 that caused this to break? Any fixes and work-around?


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