SUMMARY: Artecon EOD corrupted

From: Matt Marlow....BSB 3047 (
Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 16:38:16 CDT

I've received a great response from this group, and I thank
all of you for your support!

The general consensus is that this user's data is "hosed" (thanks
George G) and that I shall get the distinct pleasure of informing
this wayward "user" of his self-inflicted hopeless plight.

I did try to 'fsck' the disk (didn't work), and I can 'dd'
the disk into a single file but it isn't pretty. I did learn
a little as to the specifics of what occurred (has to do with
a 'sync' being performed by the OS overwriting the existing
file allocation tables), so all is not lost.

One person suggested that Ontrack Data Recovery Services
(800/752-7557) might be able to help for ~$1000, but the
errant user only "cried" when I gave him that option! Seems
he doesn't have the money...too bad!

I guess the best education is experience...even when it hurts!

Thanks again to you all,

  Matt Marlow
  Programmer Analyst
  UC San Diego

Original message follows:
> Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me
> how I can recover the data on an Artecon EOD disk that has
> fallen victim to user error.
> A coworker used the "brute force" method of ejecting another
> user's mounted EOD disk (power cycle) and then proceeded to
> mount his own. Well, somehow his own disk has been corrupted
> with the file allocation tables of the original user! No
> doubt he deserved his fate, but it is my duty to try and
> recover his original data.
> Anybody know if this can be done, and if so how to go about
> it? Will I get the pleasure of having to inform him that
> his "pertinent data" has been lost forever? Any help is
> appreciated...
> The system is a Sun Solaris 2.4 machine with an Artecon 1.3GB
> EOD.

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