SUMMARY: HELP... file system full error while plotting

From: Carle Brisson (
Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 13:36:24 CDT

Thanks a bunch to all who replied...all of your suggestions were helpful
and well founded. I decided to go with Martin Espinoza's suggestion to
create the symbolic link for the /var/spool/lp directory, since I had to
do this remotely I did not want to get into recreating filesystems.

Thank you all for taking the time:

Don Catey <>
Fuad Khalid <fmrco!lagoon!>
Charles Gagnon <charles@Grafnetix.COM>
"Patrick M. Landry" <>
Matthias Kurz <>
Martin Espinoza <>
Jim Fritz <>
Colin Melville <>
"Sr. Systems Engineer for ACS" <>
Giles Hamer-Hayes <>

----------------- Question ------------------

Did an user-end install of Solaris2.4 and it looks like it left
practically no drive space in the "/" and "/usr" directories. Now
when trying to plot a large file to /dev/term/a, getting following error:

NOTICE: alloc: /: file system full

UX:lp: ERROR: The LP print service could not read your request file.

      TO FIX: See if the spooling system is full.

This appears to me that the /var/spool/lp/* directory needs more space.
Should I put in a soft link to a larger dir?

---------------- Solution ------------------

Created a symbolic link as follows:
directory of /var/spool:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 10 Jun 27 15:07 lp -> /export/lp

I then tarred the lp directory and moved it into a larger file
system - /export/home:
drwxrwxr-x 7 lp lp 512 Jun 18 15:46 lp

I was then getting the following message when doing an lpstat:

> UX:lpstat: ERROR: The LP print service isn't running or can't be
> reached.
> TO FIX: Your request can't be completely handled
> without the LP print service. If this
> problem continues, get help from your
> system administrator.

Martin Espinoza reminded me that I needed to reboot the machine.
All worked well after that point.

Thanks again!

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