SUMMARY: 1/2" tape drive from Sun 390 to external tape drive for Sparc 10

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Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 08:30:59 CDT

Thanks to the following for replying:
Ric Anderson <>
Wis Macomson <>
CO Thomas Esser(101) <>

Even more thanks to the following for pointing me closer to the right direction:
jeff@boeing (not an email address, he actually called :-0 )

The answer turns out to be the following. The 490 has a direct 220V power feed.
The power getting supplied to the tape drive while in the cabinet is also 220V.
Once removed, I was plugging it into 110V, so it wasn't getting enough power.
Daniel Lorenzi suggested that there was probably a switch setting
to allow you to switch from 220V to 110V. However, it was Jeff who told me
that there was a black plug which held the fuse located just under the power
switch could be taken out, and flipped over to do the conversion. Sure enough,
I took the plug out, switched it over, plugged it into a 110V power supply
and it worked. Note: The plug contains two fuses. One for the 220V and one for
the 110V. When inserted back into the tape drive, the fust located on the right
is the one that is being actively used. When I took the plug out, there was
only one fuse in it. I pulled it out and placed it in the other side and
inserted the plug back in to get it working.

Thanks for all the generous help!!
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-------------ORIGINAL POSTING---------------------------------------
> Hi guys.
> I have an old sparcserver 390 that we want to get rid of. It is getting old
> ( IS old) but the reason we have held onto it this long is due to
> the fact that it houses our only "Sun Front-Load 1/2-inch Tape Drive"
> (to be precise :-> ). This tape drive has a sun part number of 596-1219-01.
> We want to remove it from the server and use it as an external scsi device
> on a much more reliable sparc 10. However, I attempted to do this with no
> luck. I removed it, hooked it up to a sparc ten, and plug in the power cord..
> No power. No lights. No loud whirring. No work.
> So, I put it back into the cabinet to insure that I didnt break it while
> taking it out. It powered up just fine. guess is that the 390 provides
> something to the tape drive that I am missing when I try and hook it up
> as an external device to a sparc 10. More power? Could that be it? I made
> sure that I was using a 3ft scsi cable and the terminator on the tape drive
> was securely attached. From what I can tell, the power cord that was hooked
> into the tape drive while it was in the server was running straight off of
> the server's power supply. The server has its own power feed (which I guess
> is 220volts). Any one ever tried this, or have any idea what the power
> requirements for the tape drive might be? The documentation I have is very
> sketchy and very sparse....


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