SUMMARY- Password file too

From: stanley tam (
Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 12:41:33 CDT

                       Subject: Time:2:39 PM
  OFFICE MEMO SUMMARY: Password file too long Date:21/6/96

Thanks for all the response. Many told me to use NIS+. Jim Herbert and Edgar
V.S. Der-Danieliantz suggested using nscd and the config file /etc/nscd.conf
which seems to be what I want. This is only available from Solaris 2.5.

Original question:
If you have a password file that is too long (>1000 lines), you will notice
that those names at the end of the password file will take a long time to log
in. Is there any way to cache the password file or any good suggestions to
improve the login time?

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