SUMMARY: building MH on Sol 2.5 (gcc 2.7.2)

From: Mark Bergman (
Date: Thu Jun 27 1996 - 10:06:17 CDT

Earlier I wrote:

>I'm having trouble building mh on a Sparc5 (Solaris 2.5, gcc
>2.7.2, no Sun-cc). The MH config is identical to that used
>under Solaris 2.3, but it might have been built with Sun's
>compiler. I get the following errors:
>make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/mh-6.8.3/uip'
>gcc -s -o xali ali.o aliasbr.o ../config/config.o ../sbr/libmh.a ../mts/libmts.a ../zotnet/libzot.
a ../config/version.o -lnsl -lsocket
>gcc -s ali.o xali ../config/config.o ../sbr/libmh.a ../mts/libmts.a ../zotnet/libzot.a ../config
/version.o -lnsl -lsocket -o ali
>ld: fatal: file xali: unknown type, unable to process using elf(3E) libraries
>ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to ali
>make[1]: *** [ali] Error 1

I got two answers, Casper Dik's being the correct one (as

==> You're using GNU make which is known not to work with MH makefiles.
==> Use /usr/ccs/bin/make (Sun's make) instead.
==> (GNU make is also known not to work with X11R6, if you wish to install
==> GNU make for some reason, I think you're best of installing it as
==> "gmake" or "gnumake")

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