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From: Joao Pimenta (
Date: Wed Jun 26 1996 - 04:39:28 CDT

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When I send a mail message the FROM field shows the name of my machine,
I have the sendmail configured to accept mails delivered to the domain
like this "".
Where can I change this ?! I have tryied on the mail client (netscape,
eudora, etc) and didn't work !

Thank you for the quick answers to:

Claus Assmann <> (Marina Daniels)
K.Arun <>

Here are their contributions:

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 17:16:12 +0200 (MET-DST)
From: Claus Assmann <>

3) How do I change to user@my.dom.ain?

a) Again from the FAQ of sendmail V8:
  * How do I make all my addresses appear to be from a single host?
        Using the V8 configuration macros, use:
        This will cause all addresses to be sent out as being from
        the indicated domain.
If you also want to masquerade the recipients, use
But be careful and read cf/README first about possible problems!

b) For Sun's sendmail (prior to version 8):

Look for a rule (should be in ruleset 22) like
R$+<@$+>$* $@$1<@$2.$m>$3 tack on our
and change it to
R$+<@$+>$* $@$1<@$m>$3 tack on our
if you have correctly defined $m.

If you have SunOS 5.x (with x < 5; aka Solaris 2.x) you also have to
change the following rule:
R$+ $@$1<@$w.$m> tack on our full
R$+ $@$1<@$m> tack on our

If you have any corrections/additions/suggestions, please let me know.
These questions and answers are also available on
which contains some more hints about sendmail.

Hope this help,

Claus Assmann

Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 13:47:47 +1000
From: (Marina Daniels)

In your /etc/ file you may have:

# file containing names of hosts for which we receive email
Fw-o /etc/

This means you change it in the /etc/ file:
just add a line to that file with the name of the domain you want to
accept mail

Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 10:46:07 +0630 (EDT)
From: "K.Arun" <>

Hi Mr Joao

I think you have to configure the file only for this.
See the section Header formats and change the
?From: variable to ur domain name variable ( usually $D)

hope it helps


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