SUMMARY: NFS error and Solaris 2.5

From: Leon Alexander (
Date: Wed Jun 26 1996 - 05:28:04 CDT

Hi All

My original question was ...
>> "Leon" == Leon Alexander <> writes:

  Leon> I recently upgraded an Axil 311 from Solaris 2.4 to
  Leon> Solaris 2.5. I opted for an "interactive" install with the
  Leon> "initial" rather than the "upgrade" option. Thus, I
  Leon> overwrote all Solaris 2.4 information.

  Leon> The Problem: On booting I get an error message ....(from the
  Leon> /var/adm/messages file)

  Leon> Jun 15 16:12:11 dsp3 /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd[268]:
  Leon> netdir_getbyname (transport tcp, host/serv \1/nfs), No such
  Leon> file or directory Jun 15 16:12:11 dsp3
  Leon> /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd[268]: Cannot establish NFS service over
  Leon> /dev/tcp: transport setup problem.

  Leon> I have checked /etc/inet/services -- it contains both "nfsd
  Leon> tcp 2049" and "nfsd udp 2049". The "dsp3" machine is a
  Leon> client of a NIS+ server which contains similar lines in the
  Leon> "services" database of the NIS+ server.

  Leon> The NFS stuff works -- I am just concerned that the error
  Leon> message is indicative of a far bigger problem. Does anybody
  Leon> have any ideas ?

  Leon> Thanks

Thanks to all those kind persons who responded ...

   Jay Morgan <>

   Ann Rautenbach <>

   Kris Briscoe <>

   Gilberto Araujo Ventura <>

   Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>

The solution to the problem was supplied by .....
>> "Ann" == Ann Rautenbach <>...

Ann> I got this message when I upgraded a machine to 2.5, and it
Ann> turned out that it was getting the services/protocol files from
Ann> 2.4 NIS maps, rather than the new 2.5 version.

Ann> The work around while your NIS maps are still 2.4 is to change
Ann> part of the /etc/nsswitch.conf on the 2.5 machine

Ann> from

Ann> services: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files
Ann> networks: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files
Ann> protocols: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files
Ann> rpc: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files
Ann> ethers: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files
Ann> netmasks: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files

Ann> to

Ann> services: files nisplus
Ann> networks: files nisplus
Ann> protocols: files nisplus
Ann> rpc: files nisplus
Ann> ethers: files nisplus
Ann> netmasks: files nisplus

Thanks Ann. I changed the services entry in the nsswitch.conf file
and the error message disappeared.


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