Summary: automatically setting timezone when jumpstarting.

From: anthony baxter (
Date: Wed Jun 26 1996 - 03:05:36 CDT

(original message at end)

Many thanks to the folks who responded - most people pointed to setting
up a 'timezone' NIS or NIS+ map (see Solaris 2's timezone(4) manpage) but
I'm not running NIS+ here, and our NIS setup only serves netgroups, so this
wasn't really practical.

Matthew Stier <> forwarded me some mail from
John DiMarco which led me on a correct path to the solution - hacking on

(I've put John's original message later in this mail.)

Thanks to all who responded:

>From: John DiMarco <>
>Subject: auto-install
>Date: Thu, 12 May 1994 11:20:24 -0400

For your information:

I noticed the discussion about auto-install and automating the timezone/netmask
query on comp.unix.solaris. I don't run NIS, so can't completely satisfy
the auto-install process unless I modify the CD-rom image (copied to disk,
of course). Here's the (extremely minor) change I made to

(a similar change needs to be made for each kernel architecture supported)

*** /tmp/T0a003oP Thu May 12 11:16:55 1994
--- sysconfig Wed May 11 20:11:23 1994
*** 45,50 ****
--- 45,55 ----
  echo " rpcbind\c"
  /usr/sbin/rpcbind > /dev/console 2>&1
+ if [ -x /tmp/install_config/localconfig ]; then
+ echo " localconfig\c"
+ /tmp/install_config/localconfig > /dev/console 2>&1
+ fi
  # Configure NIS or NIS+
  echo " sysidnis\c"
  /usr/sbin/sysidnis > /dev/console 2>&1

localconfig looks like this:

# localconfig
# set up netmasks, timezone, and fix up .sysIDtool.state
echo >/tmp/root/etc/inet/netmasks
echo 'TZ=Canada/Eastern' >/tmp/root/etc/default/init
ed $STATE >/dev/null <<end_of_edit
/Network has subnets/s/0/1/
/System previously configured/s/0/1

All pretty simple and straightforward.



John DiMarco                                    
Computing Disciplines Facility Systems Manager  
University of Toronto                                     EA201B,(416)978-1928

I wrote: > OK, I _almost_ have jumpstart doing what I want now - the one thing > that it doesnt seem to do is set the timezone. When I do a 'boot net - > install' on the client, it trundles along, fires up openwindows, then > prompts me for the timezone, before continuing with the installation. > This happens before my pre-install script is run. How can I make the > timezone be set automatically, so that I can just boot them and walk > away? > > (I thought of just changing the TIMEZONE file in the root filesystem that > they NFS mount, but this is just a symlink into /tmp/root/) > > Solaris 2.5, if it matters.

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