SUMMARY: help with calendar manager

From: Rakesh Jain (
Date: Tue Jun 25 1996 - 08:44:54 CDT

hi there,

        Here are the replies I got. Thank you all who replied.

From: (Danny Johnson 0172547)

either get rid of the old machine and make its name an
alias for the new machine in /etc/hosts (or NIS or NIS+),
or do a mass edit of the system names in everybody's calendar.


From: Joe Webster <>

        You're on the right track, but there's also a .cm.rc file in the user's
home directory. Just edit that file to reflect the new machine's location.



From: (Nick Chondropoulos)

copy the files in /var/spool/calendar in the new location

From: (Charly Jacob)

all that needs to be done is through the cm, bring up properties,
edit, display settings. change the calendar view to user@newhost.
this should do it.


From: (J. Bern)

What SunOS Version? At least in 4.x, you should be able to have sed
replace all Occurences of '@oldhost' with '@newhost'.

As long as your Users don't use the 'mail Reminder' Feature, or have
a different Host (Mailhub?) used in the Addresses there, all that
should need Changing would be the Access Permissions.

Note, too, that cm/cmsd is braindead enough to 1) reduce Usernames like
'user@machine.dom.ain' to 'user@machine' (i.e., you don't want to let
your Router pass along cm Connections except from known Machines!!)
and 2) occasionally, especially when entering an Appointment, all of a
sudden forgets about UserNAMES and insists on having equal UserIDS on
both Machines.


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