SUMMARY: cdrom on solaris 2.4

From: Haim Stotsky (
Date: Mon Jun 24 1996 - 02:22:03 CDT

sorry for the late summary,
i'v got a lot of answers and i want to thank to all the good people that answer
my question ,i didn't got the chance to check all the answers, so thank again.

original question was :

> Hello all,
> i have solaris 2.4 running on sparc 20
> my question is :
> how can mount a cdrom that i connect to this machine without to boot with -r option ?
> Is there a way to do it ?
> and what is the name of the cdrom device ? and how can i know it ?
> Stots

the answer that works very well was

mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s2 /mnt

thanks to Ugo Balordi


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