SUMMARY : SUN's PCNFSpro Ver2.0 for Wndows95

From: James Cassidy (
Date: Fri Jun 21 1996 - 09:41:05 CDT

        I would like to thank all those who replied so
        promptly to the following :

        I have PCNFSpro Ver2.0 nfs client installed on some Win95
        PC's. All appears to work fine except for long filesnames
        displaying in the explorer and the filemanager. These are
        truncated and chopped with tildes etc.
        Also for files created in uppercase and mixed case, when saved
        to an nfs mounted Solaris 2.4 unix partition are
        created as lowercase files on the unix partition. Are there
        any ways of overcoming these limitations.

Replies :

1. As you know perhaps, long file names are not supported for the moment.

   More info in Release notes of PRO2.0 on CD. (Kurt Degieter)


2. Unfortunately it is impossible to use ling file names in PC NFS Pro 2.0.
   Also PC can't use uppercase letters for filenames. ;-(

   Did you try to configure PC NFS pro 2.0 PPP ?
   It worked good in Windows 3.11 but doesn't work in Win95.

   Alex Kontorovich - Software Engineer <>


3. Can't remember all the details but PC-NFS supports an industry standard long file naming convention and win95 doesn't. Someone else may have a more accur ate explanation. (Greg Kranz)


4. I am considering upgrading from 5.1 to pro myself. In researching the move
   I found out sun has a patch to pro for running under win95. You should
   check it out.

   Anthony *Tony* Pietrzykoski <>


5. don't bother with PC-NFS pro. Its utter *****. Use something
   like NFS-Maestro instead- this gives you a true 32bit VxD,
   handles long filenames, supports NFS V3 (Asynch writes = faster).
   We get throughput of about 600k on 10BASE-T ethernet and
   4.5Mb/s on fast ethernet. There are other Win95 NFS clients
   apart from Maestro that are also worth checking out- but ditch
   NFSpro if its not too late.

   Steve Phelps <>


6. I'm pretty sure that if you read the documentation that coems with the
   PC-NFSpro 2.0 release, you'll find that it explicitly says that the
   advanced file naming features of Win 95 which you're asking about are
   not supported. There's nothing you can do to get around it with the

   Dave Miner - SunSoft Engineering <dave.miner@East.Sun.COM>


7. version 3 of pcnfspro might help. it is due out soon. you probaboy are also
   unable to use win95's backup program.

   Bert Shure <>


8. There are other solutions other than PC-NFS which overcome this problem.
   VisionFS is a product we have that installs on the server (SUN, HP and others ) and Windows users access files and printers using standard Windows
   networking i.e. nothing has to be installed on the Windows box.
   There are no limitations with file names and also it uses UNIX security.

   If you are interested let me know and I'll send you an eval copy.

   Guy Singh <guy@sco.COM>


        Again many thanks to all those who replied and
        keep up the good work.


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